Get The Kids Out On The Water


Montana fly fishing was great yesterday.  Most of Montana Fishing Company Guides were out on the water but, I decided to have a daddy daughter day.  There is nothing more important than family.  Every chance I get the girls go to the river with me.   I had my oldest landing  Montana Native Trout on a bamboo fly by age two.  I love to be on the Bitterroot River casting to large rainbow trout during the Skwala stone fly hatch, but the girls come first most all the time.  Our Montana Fishing Guides were out in force yesterday on the Bitterroot River.  No reports of the epic spring dry fly hatch yet.  With the outside air temperature climbing into the 60’s it should kick start the Skwala hatch that all of the fly fisherman have been waiting for.  Monday should be epic and we think the Skwalas will be moving around.  I had the girls looking under rocks on the banks of the Bitterroot River.  It seemed that every other rock we turned over we would see two to three Skwalas cruising around on the river bottom.  If you want to  take a guided fly fishing trip please give us a call, or simply book online.  The best spring fly fishing on the Bitterroot river is from early March to late April. Montana Fishing Company is offering a spring special, $350.00 for 1 angler and $400.00 for 2 anglers for a full day float.  This offer is good from now till the end of April on the Bitterroot River.

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