Montana Fly Fishing is starting to turn on! 3/9/15


If you were thinking of booking a trip to Montana for fly fishing now is the time.   We are starting to see the temperatures in the 60’s and a bit higher across the state.   The hottest spot for Montana fly fishing this week is the Bitterroot River!  With river flows in Missoula, Mt around 1500 cfs and stable, it should be a great week!    We will be seeing  lots of boats out on the river trying to shake their cabin fever from our long cold winter.   The good thing is, the trout are eager to feed on the Skwala Stone Fly!   This is the first big hatch in the Rocky Mountains.  Look to place your fly close to the bank when you see a splashy rise.   It is not a bad idea to put a dropper off of your Skwala dry fly. The worm or a prince nymph will do the job.  You will not have to get very creative at this time of the year.  Look for the river to rise in the coming days due to the spring like weather.

Madison River Rainbow

Madison River Fly Fishing

The Madison River will be Picking up to.  We do see some Skwals on the Madison River, but not like the Bitterroot River.  If you are out on the Madison you should know that it is closed from Quake Lake down to McAtee Bridge and will ope on the third Saturday in May.   The fish are not  spawning yet, but are starting to stage up, so please be mindful of their reproduction process.  If you want to pick up a few fish you should try a big steamer moving slow, or rig up the nymphs.   Your best success will be with the Rubber Legs with a worm pink, or red.  It is still cold out on the Madison River.  We look forward to the Salmon Fly Hatch in June!  If you are interested in a guided fly fishing trip on the Madison River you can book online with our Travel Center

The Missouri River is fishing ok now.  You will see sipping trout eating Midges from time to time.  Nymphing is still the name of the game on the MO.  Try all the typical stuff, Rainbow Czech’s, Two Bit Hooker, Fire Beads, Amex, Worms (wire, Pink, Red) you get the idea….

The streamer bite is ok.  If you are into the two handed rods you should take some time to work it on the MO.  The water temp is still a bit cold ranging from 35F to 37F at times.  Remember to move them show……..  Montana Fishing Company is offering packages for the Missouri River in May!  Check out our Specials and Promotions page and look for the Missouri River May Days!

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